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HAIMER Service - Always on your side.

Maintanance Microset presetter

Due to the high quality integrated components, HAIMER shrink and balancing machines are considered extremely low-maintenance, rugged, durable and reliable. You want more security? A regular service check from an experienced HAIMER application engineer results in the early detection of worn parts and thus preserving the desired state of your machine.

Regardless of Single maintenance, Premium contract or Quality Wins all-in service – at HAIMER you always
get the most suitable service for your requirements.

If there ever is an issue with your machine, or if you just need a modification, our application engineers are always available to you, even on-site.

In principle, if you have any questions or requests, contact us!

Our experienced service colleagues have fast reaction times and can solve any and all possible issues quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world.

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