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HAIMER Demovans on tour.

Demonstration vehicle Haimer GmbH

Our four demo vans are part of the service we offer our customers. With this, we can offer you targeted advice and demonstrations tailored to your specific needs and applications.

Equipped with our cutting-edge shrink and balancing machines, we can surely convince you that shrinking and balancing technology from HAIMER is a “must have” for every productive and advanced manufacturing facility.
Our application engineers are true experts in the area of balancing technology and with a visit, they will be able to show you the potential benefits of using modern machining technologies from HAIMER.

Just ask us!

Interior view demonstration vehicle Haimer GmbH

We can perform a free, on-site, balance test of your tools and check their balancing grades. While performing these tests, we often find the main reason for spindle damage and the source of vibrations.

Because our balancing machines have a flexible design, we can also balance rotors (impeller, fans, housings, etc.) grinding wheels and tools of all types.

Just ask us and begin profiting from the experience of our experts! Our knowledge is your advantage!

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