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Power Mill – unique advantages:

<strong>Overall length tolerance ± 0,05mm</strong>

<ul><li>Shorter tool presetting time</li><li>Optimized repeatability</li></ul>

<strong>Fine balanced to < 1gmm

<ul><li>Smooth vibration-free rotation</li><li>Spindle bearing protection</li></ul>

<strong>Recessed neck:</strong>

<ul><li>Greater reach capability (ap)</li><li>Expanded application range</li></ul>

<strong>Max. 5 µm run-out accuracy</strong>

<ul><li>Optimized repeatability</li><li>Better machining quality</li><li>Smooth vibration-free rotation</li><li>Increased tool life thanks to equal tool wear</li></ul>

<strong>Polished surfaces</strong>

<ul><li>Optimized chip removal</li><li>Increased tool life</li></ul>

<strong>High precision rounding of cutting edges</strong>

<ul><li>Smooth vibration-free rotation</li><li>Wide application range</li></ul>

<strong>Safe-Lock<sup>TM</sup> shank</strong>

<ul><li>Maximum pull-out protection</li><li>Best run-out accuracy</li><li>Maximum cutting volume</li><li>Even at tool holders without Safe-Lock<sup>TM </sup>consistent clamping forces and torques</li></ul>Overall length tolerance ± 0,05mm

  • Shorter tool presetting time
  • Optimized repeatability

Fine balanced to < 1gmm

  • Smooth vibration-free rotation
  • Spindle bearing protection

Recessed neck:

  • Greater reach capability (ap)
  • Expanded application range

Max. 5 µm run-out accuracy

  • Optimized repeatability
  • Better machining quality
  • Smooth vibration-free rotation
  • Increased tool life thanks to equal tool wear

Polished surfaces

  • Optimized chip removal
  • Increased tool life

High precision rounding of cutting edges

  • Smooth vibration-free rotation
  • Wide application range

Safe-LockTM shank

  • Maximum pull-out protection
  • Best run-out accuracy
  • Maximum cutting volume
  • Even at tool holders without Safe-LockTM consistent clamping forces and torques

HAIMER quality – 100% guarantee:

  • Consistent cutting tool performance
  • Maximized process reliability