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Safe-Lock™: Application in the aerospace industry at a large aircraft manufacturer in the USA




  • Low metal removal rate (especially for roughing)
  • Low cutting tool life
  • Expensive scrap at titanium and aluminium workpieces
  • All tests with different systems failed: Milling Chucks, Press-Fit Chucks, Hydraulic Chucks or reinforced shrink fit chucks could not prevent cutting tool pull-out, despite high clamping forces
  • As a result they only used Whistle Notch / Weldon



  • Needed to increase metal removal rate – especially for roughing
  • Wanted to increase cutting tool life
  • Increase of process reliability to avoid expensive scrap

Application: Roughing Titanium

Workpiece: Critical airplane component made of Ti6Al4V, a titanium alloy
Machine: Vertical portal milling machine
Machine tool: HSK-A100
Tool holder: Shrink Fit Chuck HAIMER Safe-LockTM, Ø 32 mm, length 120 mm
Roughing, Fine machining: one and the same coated solid carbide tool, effective cutting length of 83 mm


  • Cutting tool was securely held due to Safe-LockTM in all tests, no movement in the chuck during the entire machining process
  • No danger of the tool being pulled out of the chuck
  • Tool life more than doubled
  • During roughing and finishing operations no vibrations, and consequently no chatter marks – unlike the Weldon chuck
  • Significant productivity increases through the increase in material removal rates of 30%
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