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The contact cooling

The cooling system from HAIMER is the quickest and cleanest method of cooling shrink fit chucks. There is a suitable cooling body for every chuck. The cooling body sits with the surface contact on the chuck and removes the heat from it. A water cycle cools the cooling body in turn.

The cooling procedure takes place completely evenly and gently. There is no deformation of the chuck. The runout accuracy is preserved.

The chucks do not come into contact with the water. They remain dry and do not rust. The work place also remains clean and dry. 

Cooling body for rapid cooling

  • Cooling in record time: approx. 30 s
  • Tool holders remain dry
  • No build-up of rust
  • No time lost through drying process
  • Even cooling, runout accuracy is maintained
  • Hot points are always covered, no risk of injury
  • Hot parts need not be touched
  • Gentle handling of chuck, no shocking
  • No heating of cooling body, even after lots of shrink fit procedures: heat is removed with water cycle
  • 5 cooling bodies for all standardized chucks
  • No dripping water, always a clean work space
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