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HAIMER – Your system provider around the machine tool

Overview product categories
Overview product categories

HAIMER evolved to become a complete system provider for tool management centered around the machine tool. HAIMER Microset tool presetting technology complements the existing HAIMER portfolio, which consists of an extensive tool holding program, shrinking and balancing technology, tool management logistics as well as 3D measuring devices and solid carbide cutting tools. This allows us to offer you a perfectly complementary product portfolio – all under one roof - with the HAIMER Microset presetting and measuring tools.

HAIMER Microset Presetting Technlogy

HAIMER Microset Video - thumbnail for presetting and measuring tools
HAIMER Microset Video - Discover the tool presetting equipment from HAIMER

Maximum precision for all requirements

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimizes your machining processes from the ground up.

Improve your tool life, achieve better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

Read more about the benefits of tool presetters from HAIMER here.

Precision and productivity in production

Precision and productivity in production - tool measuring and presetting by HAIMER

Whether presetting, shrinking, inspecting and correcting balance, or tool measuring – we offer the perfect solution for all tool sizes and work environments. Improve the quality and precision of your workpieces with our know-how and wide range of products in presetting technology.

UNO series

Uno Presetters / Presetting Machine: to preset tools like milling cutters, to set tools for the machine tool

In addition to precision, speed and reliability, the UNO series also includes numerous features in terms of its equipment. The new design and improved ergonomics set new standards in tool presetting technology.

VIO series

VIO Presetters / Presetting Machine: to preset tools like milling cutters, to set tools for the machine tool

Optimize process reliability in your production with fully automatic measurement capabilities. The open device platform allows for the integration of both new and existing production processes.

Tool Presetting - Accessories

High-quality, precise adapters and spindles are important elements for precise tool presetting.

We offer an extraordinarily wide range of adapters and spindles so that you can quickly and easily get the results you need. We will gladly provide consultation regarding your individual requirements and applications.

The ISS-U universal ultra-high precision spindle enables incredibly high-precision direct clamping. The ISS-U spindle utilizes the highest clamping forces with runout accuracy < 0.002 mm, all without need for adapters.

Download the whole product program of the HAIMER Microset Tool presetters as pdf:

  • HAIMER Microset Presetting Technology

    HAIMER Microset Tool Presetters UNO smart, UNO premium, UNO autofocus, UNO automatic drive, VIO basic, VIO linear, VIO linear toolshrink

    PDF // 7.36 M
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