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3D-Sensors and centering devices

HAIMER 3D-Sensors and Centering device

The HAIMER 3D-Sensors are very precise and wide-ranging measurement devices for milling and EDM machines (isolated probe tip). They are clamped into a tool holder and inserted into a milling spindle and make it possible to position the spindle axis exactly on the edges of the workpiece. This allows for zeros to be set and the length to be measured quickly and easily. You may approach in any direction (X-, Y-, Z-Axis). When the dial gage shows zero, the spindle axis is exactly on the workpiece edge.

Only the HAIMER 3D-Sensor allows for the edge to be found on the first attempt. No calculating of the probe’s ball diameter is necessary – just Zero it out! Problems with mathematics or calculations are eliminated, allowing for fewer operator errors.

By using the HAIMER Centro centering bores and arbors is quick and precise.



HAIMER 3D-Sensors are very precise and versatile measuring instruments. Individually exchangeable probe tips provide even more flexibility!

Here you can download the complete product range of HAIMER Sensors as a PDF:

  • HAIMER 3D-Sensors

    PDF // 10.51 M
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