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HAIMER – Your system provider around the machine tool.

HAIMER Microset Tool Presetter - VIO linear
HAIMER Microset Tool Presetter - VIO linear

Whether it is presetting, shrinking, balancing or checking and measuring – we offer the perfect solutions for all tool sizes and machine environments. Improve the quality and precision of your workpieces with our know-how and wide range of products.

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimises your machining processes from the ground up. Improve your tool life, generate better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

Tool Presetters – Your benefits

  • Minimise the idle time of your machines
  • Minimise rejects and tool costs
  • Increase process reliability in your production
  • Improve your tool life
  • Generate consistent quality in your products



Here you can download the complete Tool Presetters product range as a PDF:

  • HAIMER Microset Tool Presetters

    HAIMER Microset Tool Presetters

    PDF // 2.32 M
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