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Always one step ahead with innovations: The evolution of collet chuck technology

Evolution of HAIMER Collet Chuck Technology

Similarly to the Shrink Fit Chucks HAIMER has also developed the existing technology of Collet Chucks further. The universally applied standard ER Collet Chucks which you still can find on almost every milling machine were optimized by HAIMER in regards to design, precision and safety.

The Power Collet Chucks are Collet Chucks designed for high speed cutting (HSC) – an alternative to the reinforced shrink fit chucks of the power series. Their usage is versatile – for almost any finishing, roughing and drilling  application. Power Collet Chucks offer a reinforced wall thickness and extra rigid outer contour and are therefore stable and resistant to vibrations. The inner contour is designed so that all standard ER collets can be used. However, the chucks only achieve maximum performance with even more precision < 0.003 mm and higher cutting capacity when using the specifically developed HAIMER high-precision collets. The Power Collet Chuck can optionally be equipped with Safe-Lock™ and offer therefore maximum tool pullout protection.

With the Heavy Duty Collet Chuck which was especially developed for heavy duty roughing in the heavy machinery industry as well as in the aerospace industry, a new standard has been set. It disposes highest runout accuracy of 0.005 mm, enormous clamping forces and thanks to its robust geometry an extremely low vibration tendency. All Heavy Duty Collet Chucks can be equipped with Safe-Lock™, the pullout protection developed by HAIMER.

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