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HAIMER Face Shield - the mask for more safety at work

HAIMER has set a good example when it comes to commitment and initiative in times of crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic. In no time, HAIMER developed, certified and produced the high-quality face protection with a practical folding visor.

Thumbnail video full visor face protection HAIMER Face Shield

Watch the product video to learn more about the usability of the HAIMER Face Shield:

The HAIMER Face Shield not only helps to reduce the risk of droplet infection but can also replace safety glasses with its reinforced visor.


Purchase directly with our order form here  (with prices and volume discount), or through your local Haimer Distributor, or here’s the link to purchase on 

HAIMER Face Shield
HAIMER Face Shield made of high quality plastic and with replaceable visor

The HAIMER Face Shield is a high-quality face protection that prevents you from droplet infection and is designed with outstanding ergonomics and wearing comfort.

A transparent visor keeps dangerous droplets away from eyes, nose and mouth.

The Face Shield is made of high quality plastic, equipped with an exchangeable folding visor and flexible size adjustment - for more safety at work.

The face protection made by HAIMER is designed with significantly better ergonomics and more comfort compared to other protective masks.

Contactless working with mask outside the machine
Face protection for the shopfloor
Tool Management with Face Shield
Mask with protective visor used with headset for offices
Office dialog with face protection shield
HAIMER Face Shield face protection at reception desk



Benefits of the HAIMER Face Shield:

  • Suitable for production, handcraft and office
  • Protection & wearing comfort - Face protection with movable visor as contact and splash protection against droplets and splashes, which can occur when speaking, coughing, sneezing  
  • Safe and easy to wear - the whole working day
  • Suitable for glasses wearers - combinable with safety glasses and protective masks
  • Sustainable & enviromental friendly - with easily replaceable head cushions and visors
  • For 360° field of view - The face shield measures 24x26cm (clear PET/PC lens) and is easy to clean
  • Adjustable size - individually adjustable in diameter and height, for head diameter 56-65 cm 
  • Light weight
  • Proofed and CE certified


Depending on the local regulations the HAIMER Face Shield can replace the protection mask (referring to the executed activity). The user has to inform himself about current regulations. This is not a medical product. As it is a hygienic product, no return shipment possible.

The Face Shield is not a disposable product! Interchangeable visors and forehead pads make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is produced by injection molding. 100% of HAIMER's development and production takes place in Igenhausen, Bavaria.

Here you can download the order sheet and the CE certification as a PDF:

  • BUY HERE: HAIMER Face Shield Model 2 order form

    HAIMER Face Shield Model 2 (visor 0,75 mm) - With its stronger visor, it may completely replace goggles.

    PDF // 61 K
  • HAIMER Face Shield Model 2

    Info Flyer HAIMER Face Shield Model 2 (visor 0,75 mm) - With its stronger visor, it may completely replace goggles.

    PDF // 1.21 M
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