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The Tool Dynamic Advantages

1. Enable the full potential of your machine tool

  • Higher RPMs
  • Higher cutting capacity
  • Better surface finish

2. Protect your machine tool

  • Less vibrations
  • Lower wear on bearings
  • Higher spindle life time
  • Quality control purchasing so-called pre-balanced tool holders
  • Preservation of warranty in case of machine tool spindle damages

3. Reduce your machining costs

  • Less downtimes
  • Higher process reliability

4. Correct and easy balancing

  • Software extremely user-friendly
  • Not only for balancing experts

5. HAIMER as your system provider around the machine tool

  • Single source solutions in perfect harmony
  • Balancing - Clamping - Automation

With balanced tools you save money fourfold

  • Higher cutting volume
  • Longer spindle lifetime
  • Longer tool life
  • Higher precision at the workpiece
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