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More productivity by the use of balanced tool holders (per machining center)

Saving costs by using balanced tools

The positive results of using balanced tool holders are visible in many areas of the machining process. An increased tool as well as spindle life and a higher cutting volume are just a few of the factors that can reduce the production costs immensely. The following calculation example illustrates how much money can be saved at the machining center by using balanced tool holders.

The actual savings can be even higher when further aspects such as better surface quality or an increased dimensional accuracy are also taken into consideration!  

Spindle lifetime (nmax = 15,000 rpm):

  • Tools not balanced: 5,000 hrs.
  • Tools balanced: 10,000 hrs.
  • Cost for spindle replacement: € 18,000

Not taken into account:

  • Improved surface quality
  • Costs for unplanned downtime of the machine (spindle replacement)
  • Improved accuracy
  • Real savings may be much higher than calculated
Basics of the calculation runtime h/year cost rate €/h tooling costs €/h
1 shift 1.600 100 10
2 shifts 3.200 80 10
3 shifts 4.800 60 10
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