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July 1, 2015: Safe-Lock as the key technology

HAIMER Power Shrink (and Power Collet) Chucks can be equipped with the patented pull-out protection system Safe-Lock. Therefore spiral grooves are ground into the tool shank. In combination with the corresponding drive keys in the chuck that prevent the cutting tool from being pulled out during heavy machining and allow a simple length adjustment of the tools.

High quality cutting tool technology is of great importance in the aerospace industry. Especially the Safe-Lock interface contributes to a very noticeable productivity increase.

HAIMER, a family-run, medium sized company, is the European market and technology leader in the area of cutting tool holding technology. HAIMER develops, produces and sells innovative and highly precise products for metal cutting. The products are 100% made in Germany and made by HAIMER.

The aerospace industry demands the highest quality

Because of its own history, HAIMER is very familiar with the aerospace industry. Managing Director Andreas Haimer explains: "At the beginning we were a sole manufacturer for the aerospace industry and therefore the high quality requirements of this sector are very well-known to us. Based on this experience, we applied this know-how to our own products."

With great success: HAIMER hasn't been a sole manufacturer for more than 25 years now, but the aerospace industry is still one of its biggest customers.

Tool clamping - an important productivity factor and technology platform

The aerospace industry makes use of both high torque and high feed rates with low rpm (HPC) as well as high speed machining (HSC). During HPC and HSC applications, high axial forces can occur around the milling cutter, which then can cause the tools to get pulled out of all frictionally locked chucks. Tool breakage, defective work pieces and very high costs are the consequence.

This is where HAIMER comes into play with its specially developed and patented pull-out protection system Safe-Lock, which is able to achieve both frictional forces and positive locking while maintaining the best run-out accuracy due to special design features of the tool and chuck. This can prevent the milling cutter from spinning during extreme machining or from being pulled out of the chuck, whereas higher cutting parameters can increase the general productivity significantly.

The Safe-Lock interface combined with the right clamping technology proves to be the key solution for new and productivity increasing technologies such as trochoidal milling. By generating trochoidal tool paths it is possible to cut three times faster and deeper. However, the risk of the tool being pulled out of the chuck is higher, because through small movements combined with a high cutting depth or fast movements across the entire cutting length, high axial forces can occur so that the user has to make sure that the tool clamping is secure. Even the most modern and precisely ground high-performance tools are still equipped with one-sided Weldon clamping surfaces with a high tolerance. The users have to fall back on 50-year-old Weldon technology with insufficient run-out accuracy and a short or uncertain tool life which considerably limits the productivity potential.

Andreas Haimer summarizes: "The Safe-Lock system is ideally suited for trochoidal milling. Currently there is no other system which combines such a high runout accuracy with a maximum pullout protection. With our complete tool portfolio you can make use of the full potential of your machine tool."

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