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March 1, 2017: 40 Years HAIMER - Quality Wins

With the Microset tool presetting technology HAIMER is extending its existing product portfolio and thus becomes the system provider for tool management all around the machine tool.

With quality products all around tool holding, the HAIMER GmbH company developed from a small job shop to an innovative Global Player within only 40 years. With a continuous and sustainable growth the family-owned company established itself as the world-market leader for shrinking and balancing technology and the European market leader for tool holding.

The HAIMER Company - founded by Claudia and Franz Haimer as a typical job shop on the 1st of March 1977 - has been on the market with its own products since 1987. Nowadays HAIMER acts as a system provider for the complete tool management. In addition to the large offering of tool holders, including shrinking and balancing machines, as well as 3-D Sensors and solid carbide cutting tools, the product offering now also includes tool presetting machines. Out of the 600 people that the family-owned company currently employs, 400 work at the German headquarters in Igenhausen near Augsburg. On site the company philosophy "Quality Wins" is a daily practice for 40 years now. As an active apprenticeship company with almost 50 apprentices, HAIMER has ever since been able to secure its future skilled employees and to fulfill its contribution to further educate young adults, as well as securing the future of our German manufacturing location.

Despite its commitment to "100% made in Germany" HAIMER has expanded its global presence and is active on all important machining markets with its 15 international subsidiaries. On the 1st of January HAIMER took over the Microset tool presetting technology, which now operates as HAIMER Microset GmbH. This Bielefeld facility will be further expanded to become the Northern Germany sales and marketing hub of HAIMER. With the Microset tool presetting technology, HAIMER is extending its existing product portfolio and thus becomes the system provider for tool management all around the machine tool.

As in previous years, the company registered a double-digit sales growth in 2016. This growth rate is also targeted for the anniversary year 2017, especially since the world-wide interest in the well-known HAIMER products is continuously growing and the recently released solid carbide and modular end mills are constantly gaining in popularity.

This year HAIMER is going to participate in the world's leading trade show EMO in Hannover, with a 350 square meter booth - an event which is going to further encourage the positive development. Afterwards (during the 27th and 29th of September 2017) the 40 year company anniversary will be celebrated in a very special way: during a big Open House event at its headquarters in South Germany, HAIMER will not only celebrate its positive company development, but will also exhibit all the EMO Highlights for interested visitors and demonstrate why in the long run only "quality wins".



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