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May 30, 2018: Process-secure tooling through digitization

The HAIMER Data Analyzer & Controller takes on a key task: the software ensures a simple evaluation of the production data and uses the results for process optimization.

If you want to take advantage of digitization in the production environment, you have to ensure the continuity of data, a seamless data flow. HAIMER, system provider for high-precision products around the machine tool, addressed this issue and designed all of its products industry 4.0-ready, guaranteeing data-continuity.

The HAIMER Group - founded in 1977 and today the world market leader in tool shrinking and balancing technology - has recently become a system provider for the complete tool management. The broad program ranges from a wide variety of tool holders, shrinking and balancing technology and tool presetting devices to solid carbide tools and measuring sensors. HAIMER can combine all of these components with its tool room solutions in a functional and ergonomic workplace design. All products are perfectly aligned to one another as they now also provide the prerequisites for network integration and continuous data flow.

The HAIMER Group employs more than 700 people worldwide. At two production sites in Germany (Igenhausen and Bielefeld), all devices, tool holders and tools are produced to the highest quality standards. At the headquarters in Igenhausen alone, up to 4,000 tool holders are produced every day.

To maintain the steady growth, an increase in capacity alone is not sufficient. Innovations are at the very foundation of this growth. Every year, HAIMER invests between eight and ten percent of its turnover in research and development. Currently, the Industry 4.0 readiness and digital communication of all HAIMER products is at the center of activities.


Communication with the tool

HAIMER offers two options for integrating tool holders via digital communication in production. The first option is the RFID data chip, which HAIMER tool holders can optionally be equipped with.

This contactless readable and writable data memory ensures the secure identification of the respective tool and its chuck. It is able to store the actual data (geometry, balancing grade, etc.) given by balancing and presetting devices and to then transfer it to the machine tool. It can also collect information from the machine tool, for example, with regard to the tool life.

As HAIMER always focuses on quality and the interrelated process reliability, the tool specialists also developed a system that securely attaches the chip to the tool holder. The mechanical locking called Data-Lock fixes the RFID data carrier by form fit and frictional connection locking to the tool holder, so that it cannot get loose, not even when machining at high speeds up to 60,000 rpm.

As another option, the chucks are available with a lasered QR or Data Matrix code, which can be read by scanners and evaluated by several systems. It contains the serial number of the tool, which allows a cross-software solution, e.g. the HAIMER DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller) to establish a connection with the corporate network, thereby enabling a clear identification of the tool and to access additional tool data. (Assembly, Part Numbers, Stock Adjustment, 3-D Models). However, in this case, additional information is not stored on the tool itself.


Data exchange between shrinking, balancing and presetting devices

To maximize the benefits of digitization in the machining environment, network compatibility of shrinking, balancing, and presetting devices is essential. Not only must machines communicate with tools or their RFID chips, they also need to be able to exchange important data with external management systems, such as customer networks or in the cloud. This includes, for example, the ability to receive target-data for tool presetting and to then transfer the respective measured data to higher-level systems or RFID technology after the presetting or balancing process.

The HAIMER Data Analyzer & Controller enables the bidirectional exchange between all HAIMER products, the machine tool and the corresponding data memories. This software solution is easy to operate, supports the user in the analysis of production data and contributes to the optimization of processes. Another software, the HAIMER Smart Tool Data Exchange 4.0, takes on the task of preparing the relevant tool data in such a way that it can be transferred into common external software solutions.





Shrink fit devices – i4.0-ready

In the pursuit of data continuity, HAIMER also further developed well-established products, such as the shrink fit devices of the Power Clamp series. In autumn 2017, the tool clamping specialist presented their new i4.0 series. The well-established Basic, Profi and Premium line machines are now supplemented by 3 Power Clamp device categories: Premium i4.0, Sprint i4.0 and Comfort i4.0. As the name suggests, they are all industry 4.0-ready and network-compatible.

In addition, the devices have a new, intuitive software that makes the operation easier, as well as a workshop-ready 7 "touch display that can even be operated with thin work gloves.

On request, the Power Clamp i4.0 devices can be equipped with a scanner that reads shrinking parameters of data matrix codes. This makes automated shrinking very simple.

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