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October 25, 2019: HAIMER at EMO 2019: Technologies for Smart Production

At the HAIMER booth, the robot cell (HAIMER Automation Cube) showed how tool presetting can be completely automated - from mounting the complete tool with shrinking technology, measuring and presetting the tool as well as controlling the balancing quality to the approval for the use in the machine tool.

At EMO 2019 in Hanover, the HAIMER Group displayed how modern tool management works with high-quality, process-reliable components, consistent digitalization and fully automated tool presetting using a robot cell.


The HAIMER Group, world market leader for tool shrinking and balancing technology, has established itself as a system provider for complete tool management and is taking it step-by-step into the future. The basis is the high-quality product program, which ranges from a wide variety of tool holders, shrinking and balancing technology, tool presetting devices to solid carbide tools and sensors.
HAIMER bundles all these components in Tool Room solutions, a functional, ergonomic workplace design. A new software which enables the consistent exchange of tool data finally links them to a digital Industry 4.0 system.


Shrinking Technology of the Industry 4.0 line

HAIMER presented its Industry 4.0-ready and network compatible Power Clamp i4.0 shrink fit machine line. The ergonomic shrinking stations with their patented NG coil are suitable for all solid carbide and HSS tools in the diameter range from 3 to 32 mm and come with an intuitive, easy-to-use software. The shop floor ready 7" touch display can even be operated with thin work gloves. Upon request, HAIMER equips the Power Clamp i4.0 machines with a motorized coil and scanner that reads out shrinking parameters from data matrix codes. This ensures reliable, easy and automated shrinking.
The Power Clamp i4.0 series covers a wide spectrum of equipment options.
At EMO, two new models from this series were presented:

The compact Power Clamp Air i4.0 and Nano NG i4.0 are true specialists in their field of application.
The Power Clamp Air i4.0 enables a particularly smooth and clean cooling for all kinds of shrink fit chucks and shrink fit collets, regardless of the outside contour by air nozzles and drizzle – without dirt and water residue. An LED temperature control ensures even greater process reliability.
The Power Clamp Nano NG i4.0 was specially developed for shrink fit collets and small tool holders up to size HSK-A63. The shrinking process is horizontal, with a fully automated motor coil and air cooling. 


HAIMER Microset: Now measuring in the Y-axis

HAIMER Microset tool presetters are characterized by high-quality hardware, best ergonomics and ease of use. A particular advantage lies in their thermostable grey cast iron design.
In addition, highly dynamic, wear-free linear drives ensure precise long-term quality. The parallel drive and guide system ensures optimum distribution of forces and guarantees a repeat accuracy of ± 2 μm. At EMO, HAIMER presented the VIO linear with Y-axis. The presetting device allows the optics carrier to be moved by +/- 100 mm in the Y direction in order to measure tools whose cutting edge is not centered. An application advantage that comes into play especially when using asymmetrical tools.


HAIMER DAC networks tool management

DAC (Data Analyzer and Controller) is the name of the tool management system developed by HAIMER. It manages the exchange of target and actual values as well as other tool data between the individual tool room stations and establishes the connection to the corporate network. In combination with RFID data chips, which HAIMER tool holders can be optionally equipped with, or via QR or Data Matrix codes (which can be read out and evaluated by different systems via a scanner), the HAIMER DAC allows a clear identification of the complete tool. Through the network connection, it also provides additional tool data: assembly instructions, article numbers, stock adjustment, and 3D models. In addition, DAC supports the user in the analysis of production data and process optimization.
Managing Director Andreas Haimer explains, "With the DAC, we want to make digitalization in tool management feasible for small and medium-sized companiesThe concept is therefore scalable from small to large. It can flexibly be connected to existing presetting devices as well as various CAD / CAM or control systems.


Full automation for the tool room

Another highlight at the HAIMER trade fair stand was a robot cell with which tool presetting can be completely automated. It contains a tool trolley that is equipped with tool holders and tools. On a presetting device Microset VIO linear toolshrink, the tools are custom shrunk and preset. After cooling, the balancing quality of the respective complete tool gets checked. The completely assembled and tested tool is then stored on a second tool trolley and is thus released for use. The complete handling is done by a robot. Andreas Haimer points out that automation is meaningful and promising only "if the implemented hardware is 100% reliable. All of our products are so robust and designed for durability that they ensure maximum process reliability and are suitable for all types of automation."


Highest precision due to 0.001 mm concentricity

In addition to the developments on the digital side, HAIMER also set new standards in precision machining at EMO. As a standard feature, HAIMER shrink fit tool holders are already delivered with a very high concentricity accuracy (<0.003 mm at 3xD). All HAIMER tool holders are balanced to G2.5 at 25,000 rpm or U <1gmm and undergo a double 100% inspection. Due to their reliable quality, the tool holders are used by our customers in fields such as medical technology, precision mechanics and aerospace.
Upon customer request, HAIMER now also supplies ultra-precision shrink fit chucks with a guaranteed runout accuracy of ≤ 0.001 mm and with fine balancing on G2.5 at 33,000 rpm or U <0.5 gmm for maximum accuracy in high-speed machining.


New tooling technology for turning and milling

HAIMER also focused on tool (clamping) solutions for turning with driven tools. With HAIMER Duo-Lock ™ and shrink collets for driven tools, the tool change can be realized in a highly accurate and reliable manner in the machine - which results in reduced set-up times and thus leads to increased productivity. The shrink fit collet range has been extended by sizes ER 11 and ER 32, so that a continuous program from ER 11 to ER 32 is now available. Together with the new shrink fit machines, this makes a perfectly coordinated system with great cost-saving potential for the customer.
Just in time for EMO, HAIMER also expanded its Duo-Lock™ range with new milling geometries. Three cutting geometries specially developed for titanium machining have been used in a joint project presented at EMO: an all titanium caliper for the Bugatti Chiron. As the largest component ever made of titanium, this caliper was a real eye-catcher.  It was created in close cooperation with the project partners Bugatti, Benz, HAIMER, SLM Solutions and Bionic Production and it is 40% lighter than the standard caliper.
HAIMER made its contribution with a specially made, high-precision spindle which was installed in an angular head from Benz and also with three special Duo-Lock™ end mills with PVD coating, which master the complex machining of piston chambers and end positions.



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