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December 15, 2020: Application Center 360° - The digital experience for CNC experts

Experience HAIMER technology up close in our fully equipped application center with a 360° view. Learn about HAIMER tooling technology through 360° machine demonstrations and application videos. Discover new solutions for your CNC production.

HAIMER invites customers to visit the Application Center – the largest HAIMER showroom worldwide in a virtual 360° tour.   

Over the past few years, the HAIMER Application Center in Igenhausen has been a central meeting place for customers in the metal cutting industry from all over the world. HAIMER, the system partner around the machine tool, now offers 360° tours in the “Application Center 360°”, a virtual twin of the physical Application Center.  From now on, visitors have free access to a digital 3D-experience with many fascinating features. The combination of sophisticated 360°photos and videos with web design and modern video communication technology truly makes this platform a unique experience.

During a tour in the Application Center 360°, visitors will discover clickable information such as product videos, web links and brochures at over 40 machines and tool displays. All interactive elements are available in the German and English language.  On the welcome page of the Application Center 360°, visitors can either decide to start a self-guided tour, where they will navigate through the room independently, or choose a guided tour with a HAIMER expert. The latter offers the opportunity to combine the visit with a personalized video consultation and individual communication via webcams. In the guided tour, visitors and their guide navigate from station to station through the Application Center sharing the same view. The machines and products can be explored according to the one’s focus of interest. The guiding HAIMER expert explains the individual benefits of the solutions live. Every machine can also be viewed in detail by zooming in and clicking the interactive elements. That is how visitors and the HAIMER expert can discuss solutions for the visitors’ application problems directly in front of the machine and present different machine models to compare. 

A highlight of the virtual 3D tours through the Application Center are product presentations and milling demos on the machine tools in a comprehensive shopfloor environment. Four videos can also be experienced in the spectacular 360° view mode.

Start your own tour in the Application Center 360° here.

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