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3/28/17: HAIMER Microset Tool Presetters: The Measurement of Value

Microset Presetter

In the USA, time is the most expensive component of the manufacturing process. Tool set up prior to any job being run represents a significant amount of that time, which is why tool presetters represent a monetary savings for any shop, because they save time.  

Our new HAIMER Microset tool presetting equipment streamlines your tool setting processes, reducing set up times by as much as 70%, thereby minimizing idle time and increasing machine utilization. Some key differentiators that truly set our machines apart from the rest are:

  • Absolute ease of use (turn it on and go)
  • Uncomplicated software (no software engineering degree required)
  • Stable base construction (Cast Iron, not Aluminum)

We offer a wide range of tool presetting equipment under the Microset banner that will fit every application and budget.

The UNO Series

In addition to precision, speed and reliability, the UNO series includes unique high-tech features not usually seen in entry-level tool presetters.

Our entry-level machine, the UNO Smart, features a small footprint, user-friendly operation and high precision. It is ideal for measurement during production and has an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Repeatability is ± 5 microns. Representing the highest standard of manual tool presetting, the UNO Premium is the right solution for almost every user. It features perfect measuring results, direct data transfer and repeatability of ± 2 microns. The UNO Autofocus allows you to take advantage of enhancements such as a 22” touch screen, edge finder and motorized fine adjustment of the C-axis for demanding measurements (2 microns for spindle runout). With a fully automated measurement operation, the UNO Automatic Drive is fully independent of the operator and can be used with minimal user expertise. This guarantees maximum quality and time saving, even with complex tools on several planes.

The VIO Series

For maximum convenience and functionality, the VIO Series offers absolute reliability with high quality components.

Whether operated manually or with the optional semi­automatic (autofocus) feature, our VIO basic is one of the most modern presetting devices in its class, with many features and a wide range of standard equipment. The VIO Linear is the complete solution for fully automatic high-end tool presetting with customizable options. The modular concept makes it possible to preset tools up to 1,000 mm in length and diameter. The available tool shrink option is ideal for multi-spindle machines.

Automated Measurement

All of our automated presetters use our Microvision image processing system. This software enables users to realize considerable timesavings during the job setup and preparation. It does so by measuring and setting tools, quickly, precisely and independently. Modern image processing ensures that the tools are quickly and accurately measured and in turn guarantees the highest quality in your production processes. Complex tools can be measured within the shortest period of time with the latest measuring techniques.

Data Transfer

Our Microset tool presetting devices are compatible with machine tools from all manufacturers. Post-processed data is transferred to the relevant data exchange drive either via the network or via USB. Control systems from Siemens, Heidenhain, FANUC, MAPPS and many others can be connected by USB data storage, Ethernet LAN or RS232.

RFID Systems

Our Microset tool presetting machines can be integrated with all popular RFID systems. Read/write heads can be positioned automatically or manually for any toolholder system.

Adapters and Spindles

High quality and precise adapters and spindles are important elements for precise tool presetting. We offer solutions for every situation, from a standard toolholder to customer- specific customized versions.

Time is Money!

Our high quality Microset tool presetters give you the means to achieve the repeatable accuracy you need in the time that you want, without the headaches of complicated software or the pains of inconsistent measuring results. We welcome you to contact us for more information.

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