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Haimer USA Blog

  • July 29, 2022: 20 YEARS OF HAIMER USA

    With quality products around the machine tool, HAIMER GmbH developed from a small job shop to an innovative Global Player within 45 years. With continuous and sustainable technological innovations, the family-owned company established itself as the world market leader for shrinking and...

  • February 28, 2022: From Testing to Purchasing: How Intelligent Tool...

    Intelligent Tool Corp is a precision machine shop and manufacturing company located in Concord, NC. Serving a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace and consumer and commercial products, they offer a wide range of services from model and prototype development to part...

  • Steve Ellis joins the company in Regional Sales.

    January 21, 2022: New Regional Sales for Haimer USA

    Steve Ellis joined Haimer USA in Regional Sales in January 2022. In his new role, he supports end-users, distributers and partners of HAIMER in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi with sales and post-sales support.

  • HAIMER Power Clamp Special Edition

    January 6, 2022: Only High Quality Tool Holders for Omega Tool,...

    Like any other company, Omega Tool, Inc. tried to lower upfront costs by investing in lower quality shrink fit tool holders in order to maintain competitive pricing against its competitors. However, they quickly learned saving money at first does not mean they will continue to save over...

  • HAIMER Shrink Fit Automation Cube

    December 22, 2021: HAIMER’s 2021 Technological Advancements

    Maintaining the technological edge of HAIMER products is very important to the company, so much so that HAIMER invests between 8% and 10% of revenue back into research and development.

  • Haimer USA Trade Show

    December 13, 2021: The Return of Live Events for HAIMER in 2021

    After all that happened in 2020, the team at Haimer USA was ready to go back to seeing industry peers live, face-to-face. While we are very thankful for all the technological advancements that allowed us to connect virtually, such as our webinars and Application Center 360, we are so...

  • HAIMER Microset presetting machine at Copen Machine.

    November 1, 2021: Machine Interconnectivity is Critical for Copen...

    Like any great company, Copen Machine was looking to improve their processes so they could increase productivity, specifically through lights out machining. Since lights out machining was essential to Copen Machine, they turned to one of their experienced employees for guidance.

  • Forrest Walker

    September 13, 2021: New Regional Sales / Technical Sales Specialist...

    Forrest Walker joined Haimer USA as Regional Sales / Technical Sales Specialist in August 2021. In his new role, he supports end-users, distributors and partners of HAIMER in the Great Pacific Northwest with sales and technical support.

  • HAIMER Microset UNO Smart

    August 16, 2021: Why is it Important to Preset Outside the Machine...

    Recently, more machinists have started talking about presetting outside of the machine tool but only 30% of shops are currently using this method. Why is there so much hesitancy with investing in a separate tool presetting machine? Many would argue that their machine tool already comes...

  • HAIMER Duo-Lock Collet

    July 23, 2021: New Power Clamp Machines and Duo-Lock ER Collets

    HAIMER recently debuted two new Power Clamp shrink fit machines to the market: the compact Power Clamp Air i4.0 and the Nano NG i4.0. Both are true specialists in their particular applications. The new Duo-Lock ER collets allows for quick tool changes in Turning machines and Live-Driven...

  • GWS Tool Group Logo

    June 18, 2021: Haimer USA and GWS Tool Group Form Safe-Lock™...

    GWS Tool Group, an industry leader in custom cutting tool manufacturing, and Haimer USA, a global market leader in tool holding technology, have recently signed a U.S. licensing agreement for HAIMER’s patented Safe-Lock™ anti-pullout system.

  • HAIMER Power Clamp Special Edition

    May 5, 2021: Saving Time with HAIMER Shrink Fit System at...

    As the skilled labor gap grew, Westminster Tool realized that in order to sustain their business for the long run, they needed a way to reach the new generation of machinists.

  • Gear Skiving Option on the HAIMER Microset VIO Linear

    April 26, 2021: New and Improved Gear Skiving Option on the...

    While a gear skiving option has been available in the past for the HAIMER Microset VIO Linear tool presetters, recently HAIMER made it even better. HAIMER’s gear skiving option allows the user to find the correct point on the skiving tooth with repeatable accuracy and with the right...

  • Joe Cerniglia

    April 6, 2021: New Regional Sales Manager for Haimer USA

    Joe Cerniglia joined Haimer USA as Regional Sales Manager in November 2020. In his new role, he promotes and services HAIMER products throughout North & South Carolina, east Tennessee, Florida and Puerto Rico.

  • HAIMER Shrink Fit tool holders at Boulevard Machine & Gear

    March 4, 2021: Modernizing and Investing at Boulevard Machine &...

    After seeing some of the benefits firsthand, Boulevard Machine decided to take the plunge and invest in a HAIMER Power Clamp Special Edition shrink fit machine, HAIMER Standard Shrink chucks, HAIMER Power Shrink chucks and extensions, with the help of Mike O’Connor, Regional Sales Manager...

  • HAIMER Tool Dynamic TD Preset Microset

    January 18, 2021: Which HAIMER Balancing Machine is Right for Your...

    After recognizing the importance of balancing complete tool assemblies, discover which HAIMER Tool Dynamic machine is right for you and your production.

  • HAIMER Power Clamp Comfort Air i4.0

    December 16, 2020: Technology Review 2020: HAIMER's Latest...

    Even though this year offered very different challenges, HAIMER was still able to deliver new products and meet the needs of the industry. While the world looks forward to a new and hopefully better year, take the opportunity to look back at everything HAIMER accomplished in 2020.


    November 11, 2020: The All-Encompassing HAIMER End Mill - Now...

    The HAIMER MILL solid carbide end mill is truly a versatile tool - ideal for roughing and finishing, drilling, profiling, ramping and slotting in nearly all materials. Now a short and a long version complement the HAIMER MILL product range and provide extra advantages that are suitable...

  • HAIMER Face Shield

    September 30, 2020: Protection in the ICU

    Keegan Kennedy, an ICU Nurse in Crown Point, Indiana, has worked in critical care for approximately 10 years and works in dangerous situations every shift. While the hospital provided him with face protection, Keegan decided to purchase the higher quality HAIMER Face Shield and now wears...

  • HAIMER Safe-Lock™

    September 16, 2020: On the Safe Side with Safe-Lock™

    Safe-Lock™ is an EDM form in a shrink fit holder so that when the operator shrinks the holder to insert a cutting tool, it engages the Safe-Lock™ form which includes the grooves on the back end of the cutting tool and a matching EDM form in the holder in the rear of the bore.

  • Titan Gilroy, CEO of TITANS of CNC

    September 11, 2020: TITANS of CNC and Haimer USA Join Forces

    Haimer USA is proud to announce a new partnership with TITANS of CNC, an organization that uplifts students, educators and the manufacturing workforce in over 170 countries worldwide.

  • Megan Orlando, Technical Customer Service Representative at Haimer USA, demonstrates one of HAIMER's balancing machines.

    August 17, 2020: Unbalance: The Hidden Problem Machine Shops Need...

    It is common for machinists to run into issues in their production but few realize that some issues are caused by unbalance.

  • Robert Horsley

    August 10, 2020: New Product Specialist for Haimer USA

    Robert Horsley joined Haimer USA as Product Specialist in March 2020. In his new role, he will provide Microset focused repairs, installs and training while supporting sales.

  • HAIMER Power Clamp Economic Plus NG

    July 13, 2020: Enhancing Raym-Co’s New Investments: Why It Was...

    Raym-Co, located in Farmington, Conn., is a job shop with a 37,000 square foot facility with approximately 60 CNC machines. The company prides itself in being a small run job shop serving primarily the medical and semi-conductor fields but, after nearly 40 years in operation, the company...

  • HAIMER launched the new HAIMER Face Shield.

    July 7, 2020: HAIMER Launched the New HAIMER Face Shield to...

    Recently, HAIMER launched the new HAIMER Face Shield that helps to minimize the spread of illnesses while being extremely comfortable to wear.

  • HAIMER Power Clamp Special Edition

    May 14, 2020: Increasing Quality On Time Machining’s...

    With the help of John Perigard, Regional Sales Manager for Haimer USA, QOTM decided to purchase a HAIMER Power Clamp Special Edition shrink fit machine and shrink fit chucks. For years, HAIMER has been leading in the development of inductive shrink technology for tool holders. Shrink fit...

  • HAIMER Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machine

    April 17, 2020: Why Should Machine Shops Use Shrink Fit...

    While it is important to consider all of your options, using shrink fit technology offers many benefits to machine shops. From better runout accuracy to increased gripping torque, the shrink fit technology can help machinists run at higher RPMs, decrease setup times and improve surface...

  • Haimer Duo-Lock™

    March 13, 2020: Ask the Expert: Five Questions with Tod Petrik

    Tod Petrik, Cutting Tool Application Engineer at Haimer USA, discusses what makes a good modular cutting tool system and how one can be leveraged to benefit medical manufacturers.

  • Photo by Oscar & Associates

    February 6, 2020: Same Show, New Booth – IMTS Update from Haimer USA

    Haimer USA was presented a new opportunity and is now the proud IMTS 2020 exhibitor in booth #431510, which is 6,000 square feet.

  • Steve Baier with the HAIMER Power Clamp Premium i4.0

    January 16, 2020: Ask the Expert: Technologies for Smart Production

    Haimer USA Vice President of Sales Steve Baier, discusses technologies for smart production and how they all relate to one another.

  • Event Recap

    December 11, 2019: 2019: HAIMER Looks Back at an Event-Full Year

    HAIMER recaps the events they participated in during the last 12 months.

  • HAIMER technology

    December 4, 2019: A Look Back at HAIMER’s 2019 Technical Advances

    HAIMER reviews the exciting technical advancements announced in the last 12 months.

  • SME

    December 4, 2019: PODCAST: Going Beyond Chip Making to Save Time...

    Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks with Steven Baier, our Vice President of Sales about reducing manufacturing time and increasing profits

  • HAIMER technology

    November 19, 2019: HAIMER at EMO 2019: Technologies for Smart...

    At EMO 2019, HAIMER displayed how modern tool management works with high-quality, process-reliable components, consistent digitalization and fully automated tool presetting using a robot cell.

  • October 18, 2019: ER Collets: Duo-Lock™ Provides Superior Hold for...

    The HAIMER Duo-Lock system offers an array of high-performance ER clamping options for milling & turning machines that provide a much tighter connection than ER collet nuts.

  • VIO Linear Y Axis

    October 11, 2019: Automatic Presetter Flash: VIO Linear Now...

    The VIO linear, a fully automatic high-end tool presetter that allows for high precision and fast axis-positioning, is now available with a Y-axis for measuring non-centered tools.

  • September 27, 2019: Industry 4.0: New Digital Tool Management System...

    In the machine shop of the future, balancing, presetting, shrink fit equipment and machine tools will interface and communicate with each other. The visualization of this data will make the entire enterprise more efficient and productive. Here at HAIMER, we have already embraced i4.0 and...

  • Food Drive

    August 23, 2019: Haimer USA Cares: First of Many Community...

    Earlier this month, Haimer USA tried something new: a community outreach project. The employees at Haimer USA joined forces to collect items for a worthy, local organization.

  • August 1, 2019: Achieving the Impossible is SOP for Precision...

    Precision Tool Technologies uses HAIMER technology and their own best practices to surpass their customers’ form and function needs when other shops fail.

  • July 26, 2019: Tips for Keeping Your HAIMER Equipment Clean for...

    Keeping your HAIMER equipment free of dirt, dust and debris on a regular basis is a simple way to achieve peak performance between maintenance visits.

  • preventative maintenance

    July 24, 2019: Preventive Maintenance Programs Pay Dividends in...

    HAIMER preventive maintenance agreements are designed to keep your shrinking, balancing and presetting machines in top operating condition at all times.

  • July 2, 2019: Four State Industrial Supply: Partnering with...

    Brad Adams, Account Manager at Four State Industrial Supply, has been with the company since their partnership with HAIMER began in 2014.

  • BT40 Shrink Fit Chuck

    June 21, 2019: Understanding Steep Taper Toolholders

    Steep taper toolholders have been the most popular type of toolholder for over 50 years. These 7/24 toolholders are a universal sight in almost every machine shop.

  • May 28, 2019: Get More from your ER Collets

    HAIMER offers a range of ER collet options tailored for specific machining applications, helping you squeeze even more precision, productivity and profit from your collet chucks.

  • HSK A, E, and F

    May 28, 2019: HSK A, E, and F: The Popular Styles

    Whether you’re working with standard applications or high-speed applications with more variables at play, HAIMER can provide the right toolholder for the job.

  • Vio Linear

    April 23, 2019: HAIMER Presetters Measure Up

    The HAIMER line of Microset tool presetting equipment optimizes your machining processes from the ground up.

  • August 29, 2018: Return to IMTS: HAIMER’s Bigger and Better Booth...

    If you haven't already heard, this IMTS 2018 we will be in a NEW booth location in the West Hall: Booth# 431546. We were so excited, we had to give you sneak peek.

  • August 23, 2018: Win with the HAIMER Marmot – Photo Contest!

    What is the HAIMER marmot up to now? The cute, fuzzy HAIMER mascot who hails from the Alps of Bavaria (not so far away from the HAIMER headquarters in Igenhausen, Germany) is making his way to IMTS 2018 with a big surprise - a photo contest with some spectacular prizes!

  • Save Money

    May 31, 2017: Three Best Practices to Save Money Before You...

    Are you getting the most value out of each machine and operator in your shop? What if we told you that by following three simple best practices, you can increase your profits by hundreds of dollars per machine, per day!? Here are some key facts:

  • HAIMER Cool Flash

    May 9, 2016: Maximize Cutting Efficiency with Our Cool Flash...

    Overheating cutting edges is a constant problem. The HAIMER Cool Flash system, based on the existing Cool Jet system for shrink fit holders, was designed to guarantee an optimal coolant supply, even at the highest RPM.

  • Balancing Using a Laser

    May 2, 2016: Balancing Act

    In MoldMaking Technology, Drew Strauchen, VP of Marketing and Business Development for HAIMER USA, describes how shops that balance all components of the tooling assembly can see better results.

  • HAIMER Grinding Wheel Pack

    April 8, 2016: Machine Wheel Pack Balancing Improves Cycle Times...

    Our extensive research and background in balancing technology has given us an in-depth understanding of the importance wheel pack balancing has in achieving consistent tolerances and faster cycle times.

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