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Current Trade Shows & Events.

  • Amerimold 2019

    June, 10-11, 2020: Amerimold, Novi, USA

    HAIMER USA welcomes you at Amerimold, come and see what’s new! (booth #403)

  • [Translate to "US"] IWF

    August 25-28, 2020: IWF, Atlanta, USA

    Visit Haimer USA at the top woodworking trade show in Atlanta!

  • IMTS 2018

    September 14-19, 2020: IMTS, Chicago, USA

    America's largest manufacturing show! (booth #431510)

  • Meximold

    October 07-08, 2020: Meximold, Queretaro, Mexico

    Learn more about our products by visiting our booth!

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