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TITANS of CNC and Haimer USA Join Forces

Titan Gilroy, CEO of TITANS of CNC
“TITANS of CNC is proud to partner with HAIMER who is a world leader in the area of shrink fit, balancing, and presetting technology,” Titan Gilroy – CEO of TITANS of CNC stated.

Haimer USA is proud to announce a new partnership with TITANS of CNC, an organization that uplifts students, educators and the manufacturing workforce in over 170 countries worldwide.  


Titan Gilroy, CEO and founder of TITANS of CNC is focused on developing and delivering high-level manufacturing education through the TITANS of CNC: Academy and Aerospace Academy. Over the past few years, TITANS of CNC has reshaped the way manufacturing education is approached and delivered. With its free, online, video-based, step by-step, training system, TITANS of CNC continues to provide real solutions to real manufacturing problems.

As part of the collaboration, Haimer USA introduced various industry leading products to Titan so he can implement the HAIMER technology into his academies and teach his students about how HAIMER products provide consistent solutions for machinists to increase their productivity. “We are excited to be working with Titan and his team,” President of Haimer USA, Brendt Holden stated, “Through the TITANS of CNC: Academy, together we will be able to educate operators on why our system solution of balancing, presetting, shrinking and measuring are so important to implement in machine shops.”

“TITANS of CNC is proud to partner with HAIMER who is a world leader in the area of shrink fit, balancing, and presetting technology,” Titan Gilroy – CEO of TITANS of CNC stated, “We are excited to introduce our audience to these incredible products and solutions and we look forward to using them to help teach the trade at the highest level.”

Haimer USA located in Villa Park, IL
Haimer USA located in Villa Park, IL

Haimer is the worldwide leader in the production of shrinking, balancing and presetting equipment combined.  Shrinking is the fastest, most consistent and accurate method of clamping a cutting tool in a tool holder.  Balancing has proven to be 100% necessary in all applications and shops looking to gain maximum productivity and spindle life.  Tool presetters are vital for any shop in an effort to increase their productivity by significantly reducing set-up times, all while the machine tool is running and cutting chips.  Together these three technologies, along with a state of the art Tool Management cabinetry system is in place and on display in the TITANS of CNC shop.  New and exciting educational videos are soon to be produced in order to show this equipment in action in practical uses for any size shop.   

HAIMER supports the continuing training for the machinists of tomorrow through their apprenticeship program and their HAIMER Academy, a series of webinars and workshops. Recently, HAIMER welcomed 15 new apprentices this year to bring the total to 50 apprentices currently working and learning at the HAIMER headquarters located in Igenhausen, Germany. “Education has always been a core passion at HAIMER as we agree that it is important to invest in educating the future of our trade,” explains Brendt. “It is a pleasure to expand upon that passion with Titan and his Academy.”  

Together, these two forces will be able to make machinists more efficient and productive, which will bring manufacturing into the future.

Please check out the latest on the HAIMER technology with daily live demonstrations from the TITANS of CNC “BOOMBASTIC” event – September 14th – 18th.

For more information on TITANS of CNC, please visit

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