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Sport sponsoring

Through the support of local associations, HAIMER wants to strengthen their social impact and the enthusiasm for sports. Our goal is to promote talent and ensure a wide variety of leisure activities also for future Generations.

Augsburger Panther (DEL)

Since the beginning of the 2019/2020 season, HAIMER has been the premium partner of the Augsburger Panther in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). We want to support the oldest and very traditional ice-skating club in Germany, who continues great victories over teams at the highest level. The Augsburger Panthers are a sportive figurehead of the region and stand for passion, community, fairness, future and regional identity. We do also live all these values in our company. Besides a strong attachment to the region, HAIMER and the Panthers have in common a down-to-earth attitude, tradition and fascination. Here "pure emotion" meets "passion for precision."

Photos of the Augsburger Panther by Siegfried Kerpf

Attunement for the game in the Curt-Frenzel Stadium
Everyone involved is pleased about the newly formed partnership. From left Leonardo Conti (Head of Marketing Augsburger Panther), Tobias Völker (Head of Marketing HAIMER), Andreas Haimer (Managing Director), Lothar Sigl (Managing Director Augsburger Panther), Claudia Haimer (Managing Director), Kathrin Haimer (Head of Human Resources), Duanne Moeser (Sports Manager ), Steffen Tölzer (team captain).
The managing directors Andreas Haimer and Lothar Sigl at the signing of the partnership between HAIMER and the Augsburger Panthern.
Logo of the Augsburger Panther
Official team photo of the Augsburger Panther 2019. Photo: Siegfried Kerpf
HAIMER - official premium partner of the Augsburger Panther
Augsburger Panther in action with HAIMER logo on the chest. Photo: Siegfried Kerpf
Team picture after winning the Dolomiten Cup 2019. Photo: Siegfried Kerpf
Panther goalie Olivier Roy. Photo: Siegfried Kerpf
The Panther logo made of aluminum milled by HAIMER.
First impressions of our HAIMER-Panther box
First impressions of our HAIMER-Panther box
First impressions of our HAIMER-Panther box

Local associations

For HAIMER, local associations are of particular importance in our society. Haimer GmbH pays their utmost respect for those doing the volunteer work, without which the survival of the associations would not be possible. Accordingly, this is what we want to promote. In different areas, such as popular sport or culture, it is important to ensure that the enthusiasm and enjoyment of social interactions are preserved.

Team photo TSV Hollenbach
Team photo TSV Aindling
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