A revolutionary joint technology partnership and development

Grinding Wheels

HAIMER grinding wheel adapters for superior grinding results and to make your grinding process more efficent.

Power Mill solid carbide endmills

Power Mill

Universal solid end milling range for machining of steel, stainless steel and cast iron materials.

Power Shrink Chuck

HAIMER Power Series

For highest cutting volume and a maximum of productivity. Our precision is your decisive advantage!



Highly accurate clamping combined with a pull out protection. The new standard for roughing applications.

Cool Flash

Cool Flash

Optimal cooling up to the cutting edge even at high rpms!

HAIMER Measuring Instruments

HAIMER Sensors

Maximun ease of use combined with unbeatable measuring accuracy.

Power Clamp

Power Clamp

Easy tool change at the push of a button!

Tool Dynamic Balancing Technology

Tool Dynamic

More efficency with less unbalance in your production!

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